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“The Language Solutions approach to English Skills Improvements Communication through Language

Current resources and technology, Language Solutions is able to tailor the course materials to each individual student, ensuring they receive a personalized and effective education.

At Language Solutions, our mission is to help improve employee performance through effective communication skills. We believe that our 32-hour courses and 2 classes per week format aligns perfectly with this mission, as it provides students with the right amount of time and support to develop their language skills.

Our CEO, Joseph Zappile, holds certifications and licenses to sign off on language course hours, making our courses approved for career advancement.

In short, the choice to run 32-hour courses and 2 classes a week is a well-considered decision that takes into account the latest research, certifications, company mission, resources, and consistency.

Language Solutions is committed to providing high-quality language education to our clients, and we believe that this format is the best way to achieve this goal.

If you are looking to improve your language skills, we invite you to join one of our courses and see for yourself how effective and convenient our approach is.

- Joseph Z. (#TeamLS)

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