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Business English Leadership

Online Class

"Business English immersion into language culture"

Service Description

Our language and culture immersion program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture of their choice. The program consists of a 5-day intensive course with 3-hour sessions each day, followed by 2 hours of feedback and explanation.

During the 5-day program, participants will engage in a variety of activities designed to improve their language skills and deepen their understanding of the culture. These activities may include conversation practice, cultural excursions, and language lessons.


After each day of the program, participants will receive 2 hours of personalized feedback and explanation from our experienced instructors. This feedback will help participants identify areas for improvement and continue to build on their language skills throughout the program.


In total, participants will receive 20 hours of instruction and feedback, giving them a strong foundation in the language and culture of their choice. Don't miss this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a new language and culture.

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