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  • How do you protect your clients’ privacy?
    -All clients are ‘free’ to share their name and advertise on our website. We also ask for permission to use photos and courseware for advertisement purposes. - Having said that, full disclosure and confidentiality are the utmost importance. Any materials, open-working projects, and internal/external data used for the purpose of communication advancement in the business sector will be returned and or kept only on the clients private ‘Live-Drive’
  • Are your classes certified?
    Yes, Joseph’s Language Solution courses are certified by BA TESOL (Business Communication Specialist & Linguist) by @ Language Landscapes © as a Professional Development in Business English. Upon completing 32 hours all students receive a {Certificate of Professional Development in Business English Training} To be used for purposes of employment Self-achievement and On-going career development and training
  • Do you offer customized classes?
    Yes, we do. Language Solutions, Language specialist Joseph is committed to all areas of business performance and project management, setting realistic KPI’s for internal self-development courses as well as designing specified trainings for most business industries. - Hence-forth; Face to face seminars and group dynamic trainings are available upon request and consultation, Online classes are arranged directly with B2B/B2C clients, and our student center runs 24 hours with a 24 hour response time followed by a 48 hour return of work policy (based on requirements specified by the clients.) For details, you can fill this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How can I get free consultation?
    Please fill (contact form), or call us via any of our contact links and we are available 12 hours a day and will reply within 1 business day.
  • Are their prerequisites to join or have classes?
    No, we only confirm through consultation the agreed proposal or service agreement and once approved by Student and Teacher Joseph – Classes Commence via Start Date. Classes can be held in multifaceted remote Zoom classes. 1v1 1v2 1v3
  • Is there a Student Center? What is a remote student center?
    Language Solutions offers the capacity for Copywriting Presentation review In text (check) Memo writing review [in real-time] Language Solutions offers client services that do not need to be live in the classroom. We set a rate per word/pages/txt type and offer pricing accordingly.
  • How can I pay?
    Language Solutions has 2 channels for receiving payments – * All payments are invoiced and email to clients or students before payments are received. 1. Wise – Transfer 2. PayPal – Transfer
  • What are the rates for classes?
    Classes Are bundled into Packages based on our 32 hour course outline. We ask clients to support our operational budget as well as provide a commitment payment worth 60% of the whole course; followed by the remainder 40% within 2 weeks of finishing the course in order to receive their certifications and paper portfolio (to be mailed directly to each student). $45 1v1 - $864 (60%) / $576 (40%) = $1,440 $65 1v2 (+15$ per student ^) =$1,920 $80 1v3 = 90 minute classes [Peer to Peer communication is the essential role of Global English] = $ 2,400 1 time payment of $110 for Admin Fees which includes (non-refundable) {A live google Drive folder with your Student Profile and Course Plan} {Your daily class notes + all Phonetical Breakdowns + Vocabulary and definitions}
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